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    Definition accommodating resistance

    The supposed purpose is to allow the muscle to be equally worked through all ranges of motion.Each cam for individual machines are designed for the specific exercise for which the machine is meant to be used.

    Hopefully, this article will keep the strength world on the right path.Cam Machine: A variable-resistance machine with an elliptical wheel referred to as a cam, which is basically a pulley-wheel with an off-center axis.The cam allows the cam machine to produce variable resistance by the use of a chain, cable, or belt that tracks over the high and low spots on the kidney shaped cam so that the distance between the cam's axle, which is the point of rotation, and the weight stack varies.If you attempt a squat in a meet and grind it for 15 or 20 seconds, but complete the lift for white lights, yet your competitor completes the same weight in 3 seconds, who wins? The answer is you tie (or win/lose based on bodyweight which is pretty much a tie) because there is NO time component to powerlifting. In real life, you won’t be able to accelerate enough to produce force like you can in a max lift. Sure, a set done with maximum acceleration will produce more force than one done with an even tempo. If you always accelerate maximally, you will produce more force if the weight on the bar is heavier, even though acceleration is less. It takes time for your body to ramp up to maximum force (Fmax).Despite the name, power (in the physics sense) is not what you care about as a powerlifter. It’s common meathead knowledge that force equals mass times acceleration and many of you can cite Russian manuals that state, in theory, you can maximize force by maximizing the mass on the bar or the acceleration. Peak force production is tied to the weight on the bar. In a heavy lift the bar speed is slow enough to get there (or get close).Biomechanics definitions can be intimidating even if you have an engineering or science background.The definitions include elements of both applied mathematics (mechanics) and biology.Nautilus equipment, designed by Arthur Jones, are examples of cam machines that provide variable resistance.The brand's name comes from the shape of the cam, which is shaped like a nautilus shell.They are part of what is called the International System of Units.The SI units for time, distance, and mass are seconds (s), meters (m) and kilograms (kg), respectively.So this article is about why speed work doesn’t work — at least not for the reasons you think it does.For now, let’s define speed work as anything under a 7 RPE.Chains have made their transition from powerlifting gyms to sports performance facilities throughout the nation. Strength coaches have been training with chains for a minimum of ten years.

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