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    Are you tired of the typical adult chat rooms you see out there? Yes that why I prefer to search closer to the DFW area or at least in a 75 mile radus of that area.

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    Of course, it is more fun and much safer if you are with other people, and whilst this list is not complete it does cover most of the more popular beaches where nude bathing occurs on a regular basis.Some are designated as legal clothing optional beaches but on others nudity is unofficially condoned.If Bashar al-Assad is found to have used poisonous gas on his own population, as almost certainly seems to have been the case, then he must be put on trial for crimes against humanity.This, however, is a world away from the notion that the international community should militarily intervene in the uncontrolled violence of the Syrian civil war.

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    He took his first test in Wood Green in north London, went up a busy side street with his foot quivering on the clutch and, he tells me, “ran over a lady”. not back off, exactly, but would rather observe than interact.” He is a ghostly presence at 72. When I arrived, they looked surprised.” I’d been at Konk a week earlier to hear a playback of his new record, , the first part of a double concept album about his knotty relationship with the country. At primary school, his teacher Mr Lill still wore his demob suit. I couldn’t articulate it, but I knew something was up.We know Apple is innovating in processor design, materials science (Liquid Metal) and more.We even know it is innovating in its supply chain, aiming to become 100 percent powered by green energy and for its products to be 100 percent recycled,” Evans writes.On , the unique Davies formula is intact: sweet, velvet-voiced tunes laced with sarcasm and satirical observation. On his 13th birthday, his eldest sister, Rene, gave him a Spanish guitar – then died of a heart attack that same night while dancing at the Lyceum Ballroom in the West End, where now plays. He sustained a back injury by falling against some goalposts during a football match and, not long after Rene’s death, his mother discovered him bashing his shins in with a hammer, hoping to strengthen his resistance in the game. He moved out of the family home to live with another sister, Rosie, a few hundred yards down the road. “For all I know, Jimmy was having dinner with his mother that night,” said Ray scathingly, some years later. It was a great piece of traditional theatre.” I ask him if his family was proud.There are visions of a young swinger on his first trip to Los Angeles and an acerbic view of the British music “invasion” from someone who wasn’t allowed to invade. “I think growing up being an isolated person in a house full of people had an impact on me,” he says. “I hated my contemporaries,” he told an American journalist in 1981. I didn’t want to be like Elton John or Rod Stewart [Stewart was in the year below him at William Grimshaw Secondary Modern in Muswell Hill].” He added, “There’s only one person who’s more insecure than I am, and his name is Pete Townshend.” There is more than one parallel between Davies and Townshend, another willowy youth who stood for the Sixties while looking like he wasn’t enjoying it. In ­keeping with the genetic predisposition of the Davies family, he has four daughters and no sons. “Or they see me, and they hear the music, but they don’t really participate. She was born when I was writing a song called ‘Victoria’.After the record finished playing, Davies was brought in, tall, thin, with tufts of reddish hair, and he stood there on the Seventies backdrop in front of journalists, like a rare animal stared at in a zoo. For all his unwillingness to interact, it’s something he does a lot. Both had meltdowns in the Seventies; both have spent the four decades since then feeding their music through increasingly complex concepts and forms, conceiving plays and stage musicals and large-scale orchestral and choral works. She changed her name because she’s an independent girl.” He gives a wonky smile.Here are 16 of the inquiries Davies makes of the “What’s the difference between a cappuccino and a latte? Townshend’s long-term girlfriend, Rachel Fuller, helped him score a symphonic take on , with songs set on Cromer Pier, which won a documentary of the year award for Anglia Television. In the mid-Seventies, he, too, changed his name – shortly after he divorced Victoria’s mother, his first wife, Rasa (she who drove him to Waterloo Bridge).Last year Bru Jul (Bruce and Julie’s Darwin naturist resort) made headlines in NT news, great acclaim for Bruce and Julie.Well the article itself has now won a prestigious award, great acclaim for the reporters involved. He got out to help but forgot to put the handbrake on, so the car rolled over her shopping. Davies lives a mile and a half from the house in Muswell Hill where he was born, in Highgate village, a north London peak that lies above the modern-day smog. He sometimes does interviews on the park bench where he broke up with his first girlfriend, but today it is raining, so we meet at Café Rouge, in a back room, where his whispering voice can be caught on a tape recorder. “I love people but when it comes to friendships, I . The previous week, he threw a party at the Kinks’ studio, Konk – a sprawling Victorian building in Hornsey, all Seventies teak and brown carpet. The Kinks were banned from playing in the United States in 1965 after Davies punched a union official; over the next four years, they missed out on the stadium circuit that bands like the Rolling Stones were swept up in. ” “What would you have been if you were living in the Fifties? “It was a time of change for me, psychologically,” he says. This was the generation that voted out Churchill after he’d led us in the war, so it was a really interesting time, mid-Fifties at primary school. For lots of kids, that’s par for the course nowadays. I kept that dysfunction on in my adult life.” Davies’s dislocation from the Sixties extended to his relationship with his peers. If you run out of songs to play, we’ll lend you some of ours.” America only wanted the Beatles and the Stones, he moaned.Five tests later, he passed: at 8am in Woking, sockless and emboldened by alcohol from the night before. His instructor forgot to do roundabouts with him, so he hates the North Circular. As he materialises with an umbrella, he mutters greetings to two women by the door saying he’ll see them later in the pub. When Davies moved across the Atlantic years later, things didn’t go to plan, either – he was shot in the leg in New Orleans after chasing a mugger. I had the thoughts, but I couldn’t put them anywhere.” In 1947 his younger brother, Dave – his future nemesis and creative counterpart – was born and suddenly Ray was no longer the boy baby in a house of girls. His uncle Frank rechristened him “the miserable little bleeder with the long face”. He claimed John Lennon once sneered, as the Kinks took to the stage, “Don’t worry . Jimmy Page was an “asshole” – for some years, he was rumoured to have played the lead on “You Really Got Me” (performed by Dave Davies using an amp he'd slashed with a razor blade).“Has anybody else noticed how the rate of emergence of new Apple rumors appears to be accelerating? “Surely I’m not alone in witnessing Apple’s alphabet of looming innovation becoming increasingly more visible?” “I confess, it upsets me when I read some of the criticism thrown at Apple CEO, Tim Cook,” Evans writes.“Just like the i Phone, Air Pods and Apple Watch will be understood as agents of profound change within five years.” “We know these include Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, artificial intelligence, connected systems and connected wearables.

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